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Triple J features lifetime music industry veteran and drumming powerhouse Jeff Rich of Status Quo, Def Leppard and the Climax Blues Band fame, Joined on blues guitar and vocals by a young(ish) larger than life Yorkshireman in the shape of ten year professional Jamie Godfrey. The pair formed Triple J in early 2015 and in that time have played some great shows and seen their first full length album take shape. 


Jeff and Jamie set about attempting to capture the catalogue of songs they had written during this time on record, the result being a full length, 12 track, blues rock album entitled Chapter 1. the record features songs that will cater for all tastes but its roots are firmly planted in the British power trio tradition. Joining Jeff and Jamie on bass guitar is the incredible Andrew Pearson from 80s UK outfit The Beat. Andy has toured the world and is hugely experienced making the Triple J rhythm section a force to be reckoned with.

Triple J are no strangers to the road so expect this hard working trio to be hitting a stage near you soon!

Chapter 1, the first Triple J full length album was released worldwide in January of 2018, the second album"Better Days" was released in March 2020 both are available to buy in physical form on this very website, simply click on the "Store" link, select your product and follow the on screen instructions.